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1. Introduction

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Welcome to this video tutorial about Telematic Performances, produced by our research group at Zurich University of the Arts.

Telematic performances, also called network performances, connect performers (be it musicians, dancers, actors, etc.) situated at two or more geographically distributed locations. They are connected by communication technologies that enable live interaction.

1.1 Introducing Telematics

What is “telematics”? What has been its historical development?

1.2 Introducing the Team

Who is the team presenting this video-tutorial?

1.3 Introducing the Course

What is the content of this course?

Additional Material

Further reading:

For an introduction to the TPF-Tools and its manuals, please consult: networkperformance.space/a-introduction

Quoted literary works and illustrations:

– Georges du Maurier, “Edison’s Telephonoscope”, Punch Almanack for 1879
– Jules Vernes, “Une Ville Idéale”, Journal d’Amiens, 1875
– Albert Robida, “La Vie électrique”, Paris 1891
– Jean-Marc Côté, “En L’an 2000”, Correspondance Cinema-Phono-Telegraphique, ca. 1910

Quoted telematic works:

– Dieter Schnebel, Drei-Klang (1976/77), for three ensembles
– Maryanne Amacher, City Links (1967–1981)
– Bill Fontana, Soundbridge Cologne / San Francisco (1987)
– Kit Galloway, Sherrie Rabinowitz, Hole in Space (1980)

Text for download:

Research project funded by:

Video tutorial funded by:

Author and presenter:

Matthias Ziegler

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