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The tpf-installers are bundled software packages which facilitate the download and installation of the TPF-tools. There are three tiers of the bundle (for an overview, see here):

  • Basic: the bundle consists of ‘TPF-Party’, a standalone device which allows users to connect with mono audio streams at up to 16 locations, and includes mixing and panning functions. It grafts onto OSX’s Coreaudio, but can also be used with JACK2. TPF-Basic does not include a video function.
  • Intermediate: In addition to the ‘TPF-Party’ tool, the bundle includes the ‘TPF-Client’ tool, which connects at up to 8 locations with up to 8 audio channels. It is bound to DAW Ardour, which is also included in the bundle. It provides users with the full functionalities of a digital audio workstation. The streaming protocol and the JACK2 utility handle the necessary internal and external connections. Ultragrid software is included in the bundle for video streaming.
  • Advanced: In addition to all of the TPF-Intermediate functions and components, TPF-Advanced includes virtual audio. It incorporates Ambisonics tools that allow for binaural rendering through headphones and the use of Ambisonics Loudspeaker Arrays.

Developed by

Johannes Schütt and Roman Haefeli

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