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Artists in Residence at ICST: Telematics

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The residency program of the Institute for Computer Music and Sound Technology offers artists the opportunity to realize their own project and to benefit from scientific and artistic research at the ICST during a stay at the Zurich University of the Arts.

For 2020, the ICST offers an artistic residency in each of the research areas ambisonicstempo polyphonytelematics and immersive arts. Lasting from one to four weeks, residencies include the use of the composition studio and other facilities, professional support from ICST researchers as well as meals and lodging for the duration of your stay in Zurich.

Welcome to apply are musicians and artists working with sound and sound media, whose work reflects an in-depth interest in one of the mentioned research areas.


In telematic performances, performers (musicians, dancers, actors) who are in two or more locations, are brought together through audio and video transmission in such a way that they can interact in real time.

The overlap of different real and virtual spaces in telematic performances creates peculiarities that are specific to this medium. Within the network structure, phenomena such as latency (time delay in data transmission), feedback (crossfeed of the sound represented at the remote performance location over loudspeakers or of the visual representation via cameras), jitter or glitch (fluctuations and interferences in the network) play a role. Furthermore, on a sonic as well as a visual and scenic level, the question arises whether or how the various spaces are made tangible. Of particular interest is the topic of superimposing remote, present and virtual spaces online and on site. The peculiarities of the telematic medium should not be seen as deficits, but rather, they form starting points and can be considered as material for the development of musical-scenic compositions.

The «Telematic Performance Format» research group at the Institute for Computer Music and Sound Technology has developed a set of tools enabling bi-directional and low-delay transmission of audio and video signals and has acquired broad experience in designing sound and visual spaces when connecting different locations.

The residency is intended for composers, performers, improvisers or visual artists who are interested in using, exploring and developing the possibilities of the telematic medium. The creation of a piece or the development of a concept to be presented in a workshop performance at the end of the residency will reflect this interest.

Candidates will submit a concept idea to be pursued in the course of the residency. A selective portfolio will reflect either an interest or already existing experience in telematic performance practice or an artistic practice with a strong interest in concepts and designs of space in connection with sound and movement.

Residency 2021/22

Damian Dziwis, The Entanglement

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