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3. Audio Streaming

  /  3. Audio Streaming

The tutorials in this chapter explain the technical setup for the audio streaming. It shows the hardware and the software we are working with and it gives some best practice tips.

Two setups are presented: a basic one for easy jamming, and an extended one for more complex situations.

3.1 Streaming Audio

What do I need to make an audio connection to my remote partner(s)?

3.2 Basic Audio Setup

How does a basic setup for easy jamming work?

For further instruction, consult the TPF-Tools’ manuals: TPF-Basic.

Basic Setup Performance

3.3 Extended Audio Setup

How does an extended setup for more complex situations work?

For further instruction, consult the TPF-Tools’ manuals: TPF-Intermediate.

Extended Setup Performance

3.4 Tweaking the Audio System

How can I optimize the system?

Additional Material

For downloading the TPF-Tools and for further instructions, check our manuals:


Authors and presenters:

Matthias Ziegler, Hannah Walter

Patrick Müller, Hannah Walter

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