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Tpf-tools. A Multi-Instance JackTrip Clone

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Tpf-tools are used to establish bi-directional, low-latency, multichannel audio transmission between two or more geographically distant locations. The tool set consists of a server part (the tpf-server) and a client part (the tpf-client) and is heavily inspired by the JackTrip utility. It is based on the same protocol. It facilitates the handling of many concurrent audio transmissions in setups with more than two endpoints. Also, it eliminates the requirement of one endpoint having a public IP address or port forwarding configuration.

Paper presented at the Linux Audio Conference 2019, Stanford University

March 23-26, 2019

Haefeli, Roman, Johannes Schütt and Patrick Müller, “Tpf-tools. A Multi-Instance JackTrip Clone”, Proceedings of the 17th Linux Audio Conference, CCRMA, Stanford University, USA, March 23–26, 2019

Link to paper

Link to video of presentation